Level 0 - Lobby

Survival Difficulty:

  • Class 1
  • Safe
  • Unsecure


Level 0 is an expansive indoor space, resembling an abandoned office building. All rooms in this level share the same superficial features, such as worn mono-yellow wallpaper, old moist carpet, and dingy fluorescent lighting. Aside from these common features, no two rooms within the level are identical. An estimation from an unknown source suggests these rooms stretch more than a billion square miles, although no outer bounds have been discovered by known expeditions.

The most prominent threat in level 0 is the stark lack of available resources. As the fluid saturating the carpet has been deemed unsafe for human consumption, most are likely to perish before managing to find an exit. It has been reported crates of supplies are stashed throughout the rooms, possibly left behind by MEG recon operations, however MEG reports no missing supplies and all are accounted for. The source of these supplies is unknown, and the edibility and safety of the rations are questionable. Consume only at the door of death, check the deep corners, and beware of the corn.

Known Exits

  • Level 1 - In the darkest corners of these rooms, you may find a black void. Trust the void. Jump in and you'll find yourself in level 1, the basement.
  • Level 6 - The light switch is rare but has other-worldly properties. By turning off the lights, you'll find yourself in level 6, lights out. Turning on the lights will return you to level 0.
  • Level 23 - Rotten apples have a special property while you're in level 0. Some unknown biological reaction will cause you to appear in level 23, overgrowth.
  • Level 37 - A tube of water from the ceiling to floor. This leads to level 37, the poolrooms.
  • Level 188 - There are rumors of a courtyard in the basement.